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How Family Behavioral Therapy Work In Meth Addiction Treatment?

Family Behavioral Therapy (FBT) is an effective method of therapy that has been incorporated side-by-side in drug abuse treatment such as meth addiction treatment. As substance abuse doesn’t only affect the drug user, and the effects can even extend to family members.

It is why for some reason that drug addiction is referred to as a family disease. The involvement of the family therefore is significant in the recovery of the person addicted to meth.

The role of the family in the meth addiction treatment:

The National Institute on Drug Abuse believes that FBT has been a proven tool in helping adolescents and adults in their meth abuse treatment and in addressing co-occurring disorders such as financial problems; secretive and lying behavior; depression and other comorbid disorders; family issues; unemployment; conduct issues; and child mistreatment.

FBT plays a crucial role in changing the behavior of all family members that is favorable for each one, and not only the person going through the meth addiction treatment. The program involves the patient along with one family member such as the partner, a parent or someone considered close to the patient.

Every session, their behaviors will be evaluated. The members will talk and assess if their goals that were set have been met. If the team has been successful, a reward will be given.The therapists in the treatment for meth abuse will also teach new strategies in order to improve their relationship towards each other.

If there are some family issues, they will be brought up in the session. The therapist will act as a mediator in order to fix the problem and move on towards healing.

The therapist encourages patients to come up with behavioral goals that would be helpful for meth addiction treatment, prevent substance use and HIV infection. Parents, who abuse meth should focus on goals that are associated with parenting behavior.

FBT and other therapies:

FBT can be combined with other methamphetamine addiction treatment such as individual, group, medication management and residential rehabilitation program. It should be remembered that the therapy can also help improve other family member’s health and recovery from family issues.

There is no designated meaning of family in the meth abuse treatment. Anyone who is regarded as family can join the program, including friends, coworkersand others who are close to the recovering individual.

Recognizing the time for FBT:

  1. When the person continues to use meth despite the family member’s intervention.
  2. When the person has not succeeded in other treatment for meth addiction.
  3. When a family issue has led to one’s meth addiction.
  4. When there’s a need or want to improve your interpersonal relationship with other family members.
  5. When one’s meth abuse has affected other’s mental and physical health.

What are the benefits of FBT?

Studies have shown that FBT plays a significant part in the meth addiction treatment. It enables better engagement of family members; improves aftercare participation; and provides higher rate of recovery.